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Europe's top floor of wood of Hong Kong and Macao sole agent

Equal Limited is Europe's leading wood floor brand agent of Hong Kong and Macao, brands include Boen, Mafi, Adler, STP, etc., our company has been adhering to the rigorous attitude, dedicated to provide customers with excellent quality of service.

30 years of experience in Hong Kong wood floor

Since 1992, the Equal Limited of Hong Kong and Macao have supply more than 1 million square meters of wooden floor, is the first choice of interior wood floor brand.As Hong Kong wood floor market leader, we are committed to provide excellent quality and service.

Each wood has its unique aesthetic feeling, and the arrangement method also can greatly change the atmosphere of interior space, at the same time also can produce different response to environment changes lumber, for example: many wood or color change over time.In the face of numerous factors above, our team will be in accordance with your demand, give professional advice.Equal會全力協助您尋找最合適的款式,並度身訂造出您理想的木地板。

The floor installation project reference

Whether developers, architects, designers, so that the owners, Equal Limited is committed to providing customers with the best floor selection and scheme.Since it was founded in 1992,Equal Limited companyHas provided more than 1 million square meters of decorated with wooden floor to Hong Kong and Macao different customers.Floor installation with 30 years experience and excellent after-sales service, we provide the European wood floor is best choice fashion decoration or design the big projects.Refer to the following case, understand choose wooden floor, and provide quotation for you.
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For the Hong Kong customers with one-stop wood floor installation and maintenance

Choose a perfect composite real wood floor is never easy, but we will search for and install all the process of simplified.From the ideal timber, to determine the design drawings, to complete the installation and maintenance, we will pay close attention to.Through our product page, you can easily understand the different types of wooden floor, and according to the brand, timber price, color, format, and coating to screening, at the same time also welcome you through email, telephone or personal to the showroomContact us.

As long as the maintenance of appropriate, compound wood floor is available for decades.If with the appropriate protective measures, such as: to keep the floor clean, affix protective pads for furniture and wipe the liquid on the floor as soon as possible, even if the wood floor after years still can if brightness is new.Click here toLearn more about wood floor maintenance information.

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